Kingfisher Rods By Mick Holgate

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01257 436467

Made To Measure Fishing Rods

I have been an angler since the age of ten and still enjoy my fishing as much now as I did all those years ago. Some years ago a book I was given as a present contained several pages outlining how to carry out some basic repair work to a fishing rod. At the time I had a quite expensive rod that had a guide that was damaged. I obtained a replacement guide and with the help of the book I whipped the new guide on and after two or three coats of yacht varnish I was back in action. Since then I have continued to replace guides for myself and friends when needed. In more recent years I decided to put one or two rods together for myself. I was then asked to build rods for some of my friends.

As time has gone by I was introduced to the rods manufactured by Harrison Advanced Rods. I bought one and quickly bought a second. I then built two or three rods on a Harrison blank and was delighted with the way they performed.

What is even more pleasing is that they are manufactured here in the UK by highly skilled craftsmen and women, Liverpool to be precise. It has naturally followed that I wanted to provide a service for anglers that also appreciate fine rods built on fine blanks. I therefore decided to start kingfisher Rods and
provide a service where you the angler can obtain a rod to meet your needs and it is personal to you in terms of its components. I think that once you have used one of these rods you will, like me continue to do so for many years.

Tight lines to you all, Mick Holgate

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